Data Recovery

Photograph and file recovery experts for all types of removable media and hard disc drives

Lil'Bytes is the Australian agent for FlashGuardian, a data recovery company based in Cambridge in the UK.

FlashGuardian specialises in retrieving lost photos and documents from flash memory cards, portable memory devices, and hard disc drives.

Risk Free service - "No Data, No Charge" (a $25 fee for analysis of the memory card or microdrive applies; for hard disc drives a fee of $80 applies).

Reasonable prices

Charges start at only $60! And with our "No Data, No Charge" guarantee, you have nothing to lose but lots to gain.

Digital photo recovery

We understand the importance of your photographs, documents, or other data, and we take every step to ensure that your precious files are returned to you, without suffering any further risk of data loss. For those in a hurry, we can upload your files to our secure server for you to download as soon as we have them.

Don't Panic!

In most cases, photos which seem to have disappeared completely are recoverable - see the FlashGuardian FAQ for more information.

Further information

For further information, refer to the FlashGuardian website.